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I love scarves, so much so that in summer I still keep one in my purse - you know, just in case the sun goes behind a cloud… When I stumbled across this post on Pinterest, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you! Are you sick of wearing the same scarf style that you’ve been wearing since you were in school? Well, fret no longer. Here are 40 different and funky ways to tie a scarf! Some I’m not so sure about (um… double scarf?), but with 40 to choose from I guarantee that you’ll find at least one new style! Here are my faves:

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Sister Style

Lovely Saturday’s and good weather were a great excuse to get into some cute new purchases and take some cute photos with my sister. Something we’re really into this Autumn is deep earthy colours mixed with black, as well as flowing fabrics! Now, one thing I am pretty great at is finding bargains. Don’t judge me when I say that most of my clothes are op-shopped or from Kmart! At the moment they have some great shades and styles for the cooler weather, I definitely recommend a retail therapy session there! 

April wears: Cotton On stretch Knit skirt ($15), Kmart short sleeved skivvy ($10), Op Shopped beige knit vest ($2)

Caitlyn wears: Kmart skirt ($19), Op Shopped shirt ($4) 

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DIY: Not your average high heel.

I have obsessions over many things. One of those things is lace, the other is shoes. One afternoon I decided to try and combine the two. And now I’m going to share my little secret with you!

What you will need:

  • 1 pair of shoes - I used high heels that cost me $15 from Kmart. You can use new shoes that look boring, old shoes that need revamping, or op shopped shoes that have to be brought into this century.
  • 1-2 meters of lace - chose a colour that matches well with your shoes, and buy enough lace to do whatever you plan to do. I only wanted lace around the heel of the shoe, so 1m was more than enough for me.
  • Glue - I used super glue, which probably wasn’t the smartest idea, because it comes through the lace and can your hands in a very tricky place… You need something sturdy (after all, you will be walking in the shoes), but invisible. I would try PVA or specialised fabric glue. If the lace doesn’t stick, just try a different glue.

So, how do you it? Well that’s up to you. Below is a picture of what my heels looked like:

I decided to go with simple and stylish. Go crazy, do whatever you want! You could go with something brighter like this:

or go even more detailed, like this:

(just kidding!)

Have fun lace-ing! Show me photos of your finished product!

Caitlyn xx

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